Highlights from mbed Connect USA to ARM TechCon 2016

/media/uploads/katiedmo/mbedconnectbannerchina.png Needless to say, last week was extremely busy for the mbed Team. Monday Oct 24 kicked off with our first developer summit event, ARM mbed Connect – USA, followed by the announcement of the new mbed Cloud services and the mbed Zone at ARM TechCon 2016.

mbed Connect

This year at mbed Connect, we brought together not only the mbed partnership but the mbed developer community. With 99 companies represented and mbed team members from over 14 different countries on location, we were able to showcase a diverse group of dedicated IoT experts, evangelists, and engineers. See what everyone was talking about during the event here!

Join us at our next event in Shenzhen, China on December 5. Register before tickets run out!

10 highlights from mbed Connect – USA


  • ARM’s first IoT invention was a connected toaster – Your toast can tell you the weather forecast for the day.
  • “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” - Leonardo da Vinci
  • “There were 15 billion ARM based devices shipped in 2015 alone,” and they are landing in IoT applications.
  • Using the connectivity interplay of technologies is the best advantage of IoT.
    • Bluetooth 5.0 will improve coverage by 5x.
    • Mission-critical services will be optimized by 1ms latency and 10 / even 20Gbps of throughput per connection that will unleash the smart connected world.
    • LoRa will help to connect long-range devices and networks up to 30 miles apart.
  • mbed OS bridges the rich ecosystem of chips, technologies software and middleware that our partnership provides and offers a layer through which driver portability, development tools, security, connectivity and the kernel can power developer productivity.
  • mbed OS 5.2 headline features:
    • Wi-Fi SoC and module support
    • Hardware entropy support
    • Memory footprint profiling
  • The micro:bit’s goal is to lower barriers to technology invention for young people. They have had nearly 2 million compiles to devices and 10 million code simulator runs.
  • IoT security challenges of IoT must be thought through holistically…Across the hardware, across the device software (looking at strong isolation), across communication layers and all the way to the cloud.
  • “IP connectivity will win the day” – Bill Curtis, Thread board member
  • “Supply chain vocabulary [for enterprise industries] will take time [to learn], the challenge is translating the benefits” of IoT for each industry. – Thomas Kurian, IoT strategy & new business development expert, Zebra Technologies Corporation


ARM TechCon 2016

The new mbed Cloud services announced!

mbed Cloud is a device management solution optimized for IoT which reduces operational costs and enables new value generating services in a secure way. According to Device Pilot Device Management Survey 2016, “86% of companies reporting device management to be the key issue”. mbed Cloud provides one solution for any device, any network. To find out more about mbed Cloud and request access, check out cloud.mbed.com.

mbed Zone at ARM TechCon

At the mbed Zone, over 21 partners showcased their mbed technologies and commercially available technologies including Avnet, Accenture, Bosch, MultiTech, NXP, OnSemi, Silicon Labs, Toshiba, u-blox, Spirent, Device Pilot, Spindance, ComTech Telecommunications, IBM, Micrium, Nuvoton, and Elan Microelectronics. In which NXP took home best IoT product, best in show and readers choice for the Hexiwear wearables development platform and Device Pilot for best software product.

In addition, we featured 6 mbed demos, from the latest mbed OS technology to the first peek at the new mbed Cloud services. We also showcased a smart enterprise building lighting solution with OpenAIS, HPE’s smart factory to improve health and safety of factory workers, Zebra’s smart refrigerator food safety reference design, and last but certainly the not least, the micro:bit demonstrating the creative possibilities that kids can unleash with this simple embedded development board.

/media/uploads/katiedmo/20161026_150428.jpg /media/uploads/katiedmo/20161026_150421.jpg /media/uploads/katiedmo/20161026_145700.jpg

Now the team is gearing up for mbed Connect – China in just a few weeks. If we didn’t get the chance to connect with you last week in California, we hope to see you in Shenzhen!

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