Free Stuff! - Seeed Studio Grove Modules

Seeed Studio, one of our mbed distributors has kindly sent us some Grove Modules to give-away to mbed users, in return for writing a library and cookbook page for them.



If you want one of the modules, then send an email to with 'Seeed Studio' in the subject line telling us which module you would like, and we can get one out to you.

The modules we have are -

Grove - 3-axis Accelerometer - Gone!
Real Time Clock - Gone!
OLED Display - Gone!
Temp & Humidity Sensor
Temp and Humidity Sensor - Gone!
Ultrasonic Ranger - Gone!

There is only one of each modules, so first in first served!

EDIT: Modules are all gone now!

Thanks to all of that replied. For those of you that were successful - enjoy the modules, and we look forward to your notebook pages.

If you are interested in future giveaways, join the mbed mailing list

3 comments on Free Stuff! - Seeed Studio Grove Modules:

17 Jun 2012

Oh boy!

18 Jun 2012

Quite a smart move from seed studio! The provide five boards that cost 20-30 bucks total and in return they get 5 notebook pages (plus this one) advertising their products. In addition they get the libraries that user have to make which will help them sell these to mbed owners.


18 Jun 2012

Would have been funnier if they sent us all a 22k resister :\

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