Collaboration now on open beta

We are happy to announce that the collaboration features we've worked so hard on over these past months is now in open beta. This means anyone is welcome to try out the new features. Read on below for instructions on how to try it out. You can also check out the demonstration video below:

View larger (Hint: enable 720p HD from the cog menu once the video is playing)

More information about the upcoming features can be found here.

Trying out the beta

Before you try out the new features, please be aware that:

  • You will be using a beta which contains major changes compared to the current live
  • Using programs with the beta is a one-way operation - programs need to be converted to the new format (more info)
  • Programs you publish while in betamode will not be visible on the main live site

As a betatester, you are invited to:

  • Find and report bugs or errors
  • Let us know if anything is confusing or unclear
  • Suggest improvements/changes
  • Have fun!

To try out the beta, visit and click 'Enable betamode'.

Please let us know what you think on or drop us a line at

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