Arm TechCon and Mbed Connect: Highlights and key takeaways for 2017

On October 24th, 2017 the Santa Clara Convention Center hosted yet another exceptional Arm TechCon event and alongside it the newly redesigned Mbed Connect developer summit.


TechCon 2017

Arm Techcon provided a fantastic opportunity to meet and engage with the Mbed community and demonstrate Mbed technologies' wide use across the emergent IoT ecosystem.

The Arm Mbed booth showcased examples of deployed IoT devices with Mbed, in the suitably named Hall of Fame. Our VR experience where attendees were able to virtually interact with the Arm Mbed Enabled range of developed micro controller boards and browse the extensive range and features was a huge draw to the Mbed booth.


Finally, an architectural model display of a connected space demonstrating a deployment with a range of Arm Mbed technology in a variety of differing IoT applications – Remote Device Management, Secure firmware update services, Device management and Intelligence at the edge - allowed attendees to immerse themselves into a connected space of the future.


Mbed Connect @ TechCon

The Mbed team delivered our newly redesigned developer summit, Mbed Connect, targeting engineers and developers interested in learning more about creating and deploying IoT devices based on Mbed technology, Mbed Cloud and engaging with Mbed experts.


With a sold-out audience of over 150 attendees and an exceptional range of experience, skills, and prior knowledge among the attendees, our Mbed teams’ fundamental challenge was to support all attendees at the same time across a wide range of OS, versions, and existing tool installations. Developers attending the event also received our specially-designed Mbed Cloud board for them to use during the workshop and take home afterwards!


Great feedback was received from attendees during and after the event regarding how much the attendees enjoyed the topics, the workflow, and experiencing an IoT product come to life.

Great job guys, now onto Shanghai and Tokyo!

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