Team mbed at AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon

‘Team mbed’ is back again at the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon in Las Vegas, NV, Jan 3-4.


After a very inspiring and sleepless weekend at the AT&T Hackathon – Code for Car and Home in September, we have gathered Freescale Semiconductor, Multi-Tech Systems, Nordic Semiconductor, ST Microelectronics, u-blox and ARM back together again to form ‘Team mbed.’ We will be offering a ‘smorgasbord’ of sensors and actuators to go along with a variety of hardware platforms to choose from based on your I/O and connectivity needs (Bluetooth®, cellular, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi®). This event is a great place for developers to explore new hardware, experiment with innovative ideas and get guidance from the experts…not to mention the great food and grand prizes! This year the first place winner will be taking home $25,000 USD, second place with $10,000 USD and third place with $5,000 USD!

We are giving first priority to our sensor and actuator collection to those whom complete our form to help identify the best hardware and components for your project. Fill out the form here!

All the information you need from ‘Team mbed’ can also be found here:

If plan on being one of the winning teams, you may also want to start thinking about how you will deliver your winning pitch to the panel of judges, check out some helpful tips at the bottom of this post.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone there and good luck!

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