Site update


This is an update on the site upgrade, which is now complete!

What's changed:

New domain - is our new home, which better reflects our increasingly international userbase. will continue to work as a redirect for the forseeable future.

You may notice that mbed can now support multiple microcontroller boards, this is because a new board is on it's way!

New servers and architecture. Hopefully mbed should now feel faster than ever, and will have plenty of capacity to support future growth.

And finally, there is a sprinkling of several small improvements and additional features, as well as groundwork laid for future feature additions.

This work is all in preparation for going fully public and opening the whole site to the world, which will happen very soon now. In the meantime, you are now all free to talk about mbed as much as you like! We have put a Tour on the front page (visible to non-logged-in users) which is fully public knowledge, so you can link to that for now if you need to explain to someone what mbed is all about.

If you spot any bugs/problems after the site upgrade, please add them to

Once again, I should mention I have taken the liberty of turning on site update email notification for all beta testers. If for any reason you wish to opt out of receiving these emails, just untick the box in the My Account area (

Have fun,



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