Site update: 1.3

Hi mbed-ers,

Last week I released a set of updates to the mbed website. Many of these are a direct response to suggestions/requests made in the forums. There is now a dedicated forum for requests/suggestions/bug reports - Bugs & Suggestions - please keep them coming!

There is also a public bug/wish list.

Here's a quick summary of what changed:

  • Multiple forum support
  • Forum now tracks which posts you have read
  • You now have the option of auto-subscribing to topics/pages you comment on - found in your Account Settings area
  • Added RSS feeds for just about everything
  • Activity area now split by type
  • Improved format of alert emails
  • Reformatted date display on the site so the dates are useful regardless of local timezone
  • Several other bugfixes and behind the scenes improvements/changes.

Please note that this update only covers the website and not the online compiler IDE, which will be the subject of a forthcoming update.



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