10th mbed Fest - Summer 2014

mbed Fest is an mbed user meet-up event that was held in Tokyo on the 30th August 2014. Attendees are mbed core users, beginners and electronics hobbyist. There were many great demos shown by the attendee's of their work with mbed. It was a excellent event for gaining useful information from a variety of developer and networking.

Japanese information is here.


This was the 10th mbed Fest since 2010 and about 100 users attended this meet-up event in single day. We also had an Internet live stream (using niconico LIVE) available with 475 unique users watching the event!


The meeting was organized by mbed fest planning committee and the following partners:




mbed ovewview and updateARM K.K. Toyomasa Watarai
Let's review Freescale mbedFreescale Semiconductor Japan Katsutoshi Furue
niconico video display by mbedmia
What is the mbed interface?Switch-Science Yoshihiro Tsuboi
Renewing legacy technologies by mbed@qa65000 Yamasho
Easy robot development by mbedToriten

[Works by mbed]


A lot of projects were demoed at this event, including many fun gadgets and prototypes targeted to go to real production.

[mbed hands on workshop]

/media/uploads/MACRUM/fest2014s_kuma.jpg /media/uploads/MACRUM/fest2014s_1st_step.jpg

As most of the attendees were mbed beginners, this workshop gave guidance on how to register on mbed.org, create a new bliky program and to flash your program onto the mbed LPC1768 platform. The trainer of this workshop was Okano-san.

[Let's reuse your stacked boards!]


This was a new project at the event this year. The idea is that if you have any unused MCU development boards in your drawer (we called them, stacked boards), they can be a treasure for someone else and they can be reused by free! A ton of boards were donated for this project and it looks like an electronics junk shop in Akihabara!

[Lightning Talks]


Wallbot BLE prototypeJKsoft
Most powerful mbed which I thought@minicube
Bluetooth LE connection between mbed HRM1017 and Windowsmatsujirushi (Takahashi Matsuoka)
Introducing CQ publishing magazine Interface and Transistor GijyutuMai Takahashi (CQ Publishing)
Tried to connect mbed to PaaSTxRacing
Using mbed with UnicodeFukuda
Got a job using mbedAsagi Saeki
Introducing Treasure DataRieko Suzuki
Human-powered aircraft simulatormeka
Introducing GETABLEYone2@respon

We love mbed

We really enjoyed the presentations and all of the demos. We hope to have more of these mbed user meetings in the new places next time!


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