Site update 1.2 pt 2: Homepages, Profiles and Activity

This is part two of the series of posts about site update 1.2.

To continue our aim of improving the community features of mbed, we have added several new features and improved some existing ones.


User homepages

Previously every user had a very basic home area. Hopefully now your home page does a better job of bringing together everything a user is up to. The mechanisms for updating settings and your profile have been updated, too.


User profiles

You can now upload a profile picture and write a description about yourself where you can link to your blog, etc.. To edit your profile, just go to the My Home link in the main menu, and then click Edit profile at the top right.


User activity feed

There is now a feed of (almost) all activity on mbed. Each user gets their own feed, and there is also one for everyone put together. An RSS feed of each person's feed and the aggregated feed for everyone is in the works and should be a part of the upcoming 1.2.1 release.

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