Wim Huiskamp

16 pages

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OLED Display with I2C controlled SSD1308 Driver.
Notebook for the PT6312 VFD driver Library.
Handbook for the TextLCD Enhanced library. HD44780 compatible text LCD controllers with 4bit bus, I2C and SPI expander and native serial interfaces.
USB Joystick Device based on HID interface
Notebook that describes the use of the STM Studio graphical viewer for monitoring and debugging with the mbed online compiler.
LandTiger LPC1768 board description. Feature summary and overview of compatibility with mbed.
LPC812 LPCXpresso Board with mbed online compiler
SC16IS750 I2C or SPI to UART bridge
M24SR64 NFC/RFID Tag with I2C Interface.
SAA1064 I2C 7-Segment LED Driver
Library for NXP (Philips) PCF8591 I2C 4 Channel, 8bit Analog to Digital converter and a 1 Channel, 8bit Digital to Analog converter.
Driver for a 4 digit 14 segment Starburst LED display using SPI
Driver for Smart LED matrix displays like Agilent (formerly HP) HDSP-253X and similar devices. Interfacing is through I2C PCF8574 portexpanders.
IEC60601-1-8 Audible Alert Generator. Medical alarms tone sequences generated in software.
In some cases you need to hook up devices that require a parallel 'bus' (eg databus, addressbus and controlsignals). Rather than use up all many mbed portpins it may be …