Dependents of NetServices

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

demo program for the TimeZone library (see ).
Working sample program from the [[|cool components workshop board]] page. components, cool, ethernet
MMEx with SPI Slave to allow legacy devices to communicate with modern media such as USB, SD cards, the internet and all of the mbed\'s other interfaces calculators, card, HP41, network, SD, slave, SPI, USB
program to test a possible memory leak when using NTP leak, memory, network, NTP
Twittering Billy Bass plays back samples and looks out for and reads twitters! billy, demo, http, HTTPClient, PwmOut, wav
Hackers Delight Weekender light display Hackers_Delight
Web enabled thermostat demo using the Mission Cognition baseboard. thermostat
Pachube feed API/v2 by json Pachube
Pachube feed API/v2 with json, temp/humid with DHT22 DHT22, Humidity, Pachube
Google weather APIから取得したお天気情報をVFDに表示します。 FONTX2, GP1059A01, VFD
MQTTClient test to subscribe to Pachube feed MQTT, Pachube
An Open Sound Control library for the mbed, created to be compatible with Recotana's OSCClass library ( for the Arduino with Ethernet shield. It also uses parts of the OSC … osc
Displays weather info on text LCD using Google API google, LCD, spxml, weather, xml
Live RSS news feeds are displayed on a basic text LCD See LCD, rss, xml
mbed determines its location using a web-based geolocation API that uses the IP address and displays it on the LCD. Timezone is also included. A free API key must be … geolocation, ip
KAMUI OSC-CV Example refer to OSCReceiver by xshige Analog, CV, osc, synthesizer
mbed based IoT Gateway More details IOT, OpenEnergyMonitor, Pachube,
Geolocation demo using Nokia LCD. See api, geolocation, LCD, Nokia, Web
Uses Google Weather API to display current conditions for a city on a Nokia LCD. See api, google, LCD, mbed, Nokia, weather
Live RSS News feed is displayed on a Nokia LCD. See CNN, LCD, mbed, news, Nokia, rss
Severe weather alert using NOAA RSS feed
Updated version of Jim Hamblen's Nokia LCD weather App. Updated to suport Yahoo!'s weather API instead of the Google API. Also removed extraneous Libraries. api, LCD, mbed, Nokia, pushbutton, weather, yahoo
A simple Firmware Updating program.
Get Twitter Timeline from Supertweet
replay get form stewgate
Code for an ethernet-enabled mbed that calls to a web api, and reasons with JSON resonses ARM, Internet, of, things
Live RSS news feeds are displayed on a basic text LCD See LCD, rss, Verkehrsbetriebe, xml
Uploading sensor data (voltage divider, MAX4172, INA219) over Ethernet to Thing Speak service. Uses old mbed revision that is compatible with NetServices library. I2C communication is made with I2CR library. ethernet, INA219, MAX4172, Thing Speak, Voltage Divider
This program uses the "PSA" solar positioning algorithm calculating the sun position, based on longitude, latitude, and time zone. Then Mbed chip controls the two digital servos to rotate the …
Dust Sesnsor PMS5003
Dust Sesnsor PMS5003