Seeed Studio

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It's cool that LPC1114FN28 based on ARM Cortex M0 uses DIP package. We enjoy playing LPC1114 with a breadboard, wires, LEDs and etc. And programming LPC1114 is quite easy with …
Use Arch as an mbed interface with LPC1114FN24 and LPC810
Arch Pro is an mbed enabled development board based on NXP LPC1768.
Programming Seeeduino Arch(LPC11U24) on Windows, Linux or Mac
Seeeduino Arch is an mbed enabled development board which combines the advantages of mbed and Arduino.
The Mbed Shield is an extention board for mbed LPC1768 to use a large number of Grove and Shield products. It integrates a series of interfaces, such as Ethernet, USB …