The mbed interface of Arch Pro

Arch Pro is an mbed enabled development board following mbed HDK design guide.

Arch Pro's target MCU is NXP LPC1768. The interface is NXP LPC11U35 and its default firmware turns it into a powerful programming, debug and communication interface. Have a look at the notebook to find out how the mbed interface works.

The design of mbed interface is fully open. You can get Arch Pro's schematic from Seeed Stduio and the firmware's source code from mbed's github. The firmware is under development. You can help to improve it by opening a pull request or an issue on mbed's github.

If there is a new firmware or you build a custom firmware, it will be easy to update the interface's firmware of Arch Pro. Just hold on Arch Pro's button and connect it with a computer. A disk named "MBED LOADER" will pop up. Drag-n-drop the new firmware.

You can get the latest firmware of Arch Pro from Have fun!

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