Dependents of IAP

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

A web server for monitoring and controlling a MakerBot Replicator over the USB host and ethernet.
System Management code
example LPC1768 uuid from serial
TCP Socket Hello World with Ethernet ethernet, TCP
IntelliServo is a project aiming to transform regular hobby servos into intelligent ones by replacing their original boards. By doing so the servo has upgraded capabilities, such as being able …
This is library for storing data array in internal flash memory of MCU LPC1768. The flash data is empty every time we download program to MCU so it can be …
This library allows any user to use their Mbed project with a transient energy source( e.g. windturbine, solar power). hibernus, LPC, mbed, transient
Sample code for how to erase/write LPC1768, LPC11U24, LPC1114, LPC812 and LPC824 internal flash memory. This program uses IAP call of MCU's ROM routines. The IAP library also supports read/write … EEPROM, IAP, In-Application Programming, internal EEPROM, internal flash memory