Martin Smith

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I still feel that a barrier to the rapid prototyping ethos of mbed is the step from prototype to custom PCB. To overcome this I have designed a small mbed …
What happens when you have a nice mbed circuit and want to migrate from mbed to LCP1768 (i.e. the MCU mbed runs off)?
A Summary of my robot dog project - codename ERIC
Follows the development of a library and code development for the uCam TTL module from 4D Systems
Testing a camera fitted with a OV7670 CCD
Some working trying to improve the read and write times to external memory
Some testing on how long it takes to read and write to external memory devices
Using Inverse Kinematics to calculate joint angles for a walking robot
Details of how to interface a 3.2" TFT touchscreen to the mbed
Comms over USB without using the mbed's built in USB