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Test the SPI slave at pins p5-8
This program implements a slave SPI in software for testing the SPI interface of protocoltool.
This is a program for testing the 8255 interface on protocoltool. It implements a software emulation of the bidirectional mode 2 of a 8255 chip.
Uses the mbed for testing PC's parallel port. It uses the USB serial port for displaying and controlling each pin.
This is a Reflow Oven Controller ported to the mbed platform Original article: http://www.circuitcellar.com/renesas/winners/Abstracts/H3323%20abstract.pdf
This program implements the negotiation phase and emulates a printer. It can be plugged on the parallel port of a PC. It\'s a test program
mbed implementation of various CRC algorithms from 8-bit to 64-bits. Uses precalculated CRC tables.