Example program using the MLX90620 and KL25Z. Best viewed with wide-screen VT-100 color terminal. Tested with Tera Term. Easy i2c pin name change for mbed1768.

Dependencies:   MLX9062x PrintBuffer mbed

KL25Z_MLX90620 home page:

This program takes temperature data from the MLX90620 and displays the temperature data in the same format as the 16x4 pixel array. The display is updated once a second. Temperature can be displayed in degrees C or F and changed on the fly. Also, the data pixel format can be swapped. If the MLX90620 is pointing inward (toward you) or outward (away from you) you can change that on the fly as well. For each display output, the coolest pixel is displayed in BLUE and the warmest pixel in RED. The new data is painted over the old data.

NOTE: This program relys heavily on the mbed's USB Serial communication. ASCII ESCape codes are used. Use a terminal emulator like Tera Term. Be sure that the terminal has a wide screen (136 characters wide), with VT100 color emulation enabled and an even spaced character font like "Terminal".

The maximum USB serial communication you can use on the mbed1768 is 921600 baud. The KL25Z is limited to 115200 baud. Faster speeds cause characters drop out.

If you get bored, you can watch the RGB led on the KL25Z change color. Since the LED does not blend colors well, put a small piece of kleenex or a single layer from a napkin over the LED. You'll have a much better appreciation for the LED that way. Thanks to David Dicarlo's FRDM_RGBLED program for that idea.

Typical output from program:



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