Dependents of LIS3DH

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

This is test purpose program only for GR-PEACH. This program only run one hour 11 minutes! GR-PEACH
use mbed-src latest version and everything works well. RTC is also fine. Cortex™-A9, GR-PEACH, I2C, RTC, rtos, RZ/A1H, Ticker, wait
Added humidity sensor information
Release 1.0 supporting the Kinetis Freedom K64F board and NimbeLink NL-AB-ST-NCL and NimbeLink NL-SWSK. Tested with NL-SW-1xRTT-V and NL-SW-EVDO-V modems. Awsome, Cellular, Nimbelink, Nucleo, Skywire
Check program for LIS3DH bug fixed rev. LIS3DH, STMicroelectronics
vng board
Demo using a Nimbelink Skywire cellular modem paired with ST Nucleo. This demo reads several sensors and reports them to a Freeboard dashboard using from Buglabs Cellular, Nimbelink, Nucleo, Skywire
Run on TY51822r3 board with ACC sensor (LIS3DH or BMC050) BMC050, LIS3DH, TY51822r3
acc sensor test