Dependents of nrf51_rtc

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

This program is an example of an attempt at a Real Time Clock on the nRF51-DK. nRF51-DK, RTC, time
PIR + LoRa
BLE Lightning sensor for Nordic NRF51822 based module AS3935, HRM1017, nRF51822
Auto updating alarm watch - accepts alarm settings from a BLE device like a Raspberry Pi and buzzes at the appropriate time - also displays binary time
Another commit for the interrupt added. Renamed the main branch screwed up somethings..
Change LSM6DS3 power mode using nRF51-DK BLE.
Access different power mode of BNO055 via nRF51-DK BLE
LSM303DLH Test Program for get angle. LSM303DLH, magnetometer
Algoritmo funcionando com a biblioteca de inatividade utilizando dos dados do acelerômetro e a biblioteca de PeakSearch se utilizando dos dados filtrados pelo filtro Kalman.