LPC4088 QuickStart Board - How to Expand - USB


The LPC4088 micrcontroller has two USB interface. Both are connected to on-board USB interfaces, one USB Host (USB#0) and one USB Device (USB#1). The USB Host interface has an USB-A connector and the USB Device interface has a micro-B connector. If this pre-designed setup is not suitable for your application, it is possible to connect the USB#1 interface to an external interface via p35/p36. By setting JP1 and JP2 jumpers in 2-3 position, the USB#1 interface is connected to p35/p36 pins and can be expanded to needed interface.

Two pages covers example USB Host/Device interface expansion in the example interface design schematic.

See the EA software library documentation for details about USB Host/Device drivers. Currently the mbed SDK USB Host library does not support the LPC4088 microcontroller. The reason is that the implementation mix the use of main SRAM (where stack and heap are located) and peripheral SRAM. On the LPC1768 microcontroller this is okay since the USB Host block has access to both these memory regions. On the LPC4088 microcontroller main SRAM is however not accessible by the USB host block.



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