Dependents of MMA7660FC

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Test Code for MMA7660FC device Grove, I2C, MMA7660FC
Firmware for the Software 3D Accelerometer Tester v1.1 or above MMA7660, USB
Code Demonstrate most of the feature of application board/ /like LED, Speaker,RGB,Joystick,LCD,POT,Accelerometer,temperature sensor/ /by using component of real time operating system such as Mutex, Threads/ Signals,Queue and Memory pool Video … axis, joystick, LCD, led, mutex, pot, RBG, rtos, speaker, Temperature, thread
embed Grove 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer
websocket client for gyro and 3-Axio Accelerometer
Librairie contenant les fonctions nécessaires pour pouvoir contrôler les différents composants de la carte d'extension MyLab joystick, LCD_12832, LEDS, micro, MMA7660FC
You will be able to control a yellow ball through a level like a labyrinth I2C, LCD, sensor, stm32, Touchscreen