Dependents of beep

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Cave Runner Game w/Accelerometer and Nokia LCD game, LCD, Nokia
The popcorn song on 1 wire. Just add a piezo buzzer on p23 !
Dual CANbus monitor and instrumentation cluster
Edited from the Hello World example for the USBMIDI library to play notes from a PwmOut using beep..... MIDI, piezo
mbed working as a midi device through usb D-, D+
Clock with Real-Time Clock (RTC-8564) and I2C LCD module(SB1062B).
Source code for project Smart Alarm (Georgia Tech ECE 4180)
Reading a RFID tag (13.56MHz) and sending its data through bluetooth (HC-05 module) to an Android cellphone (using the BlueTerm APP). blueterm, bluetooth, FRDM-K64F, Freedom, Freescale, hc-05, RFID
Ultrasonic sensor project. Displays readings on LCD. Reverse parking sensor.
Coding for vehicle rear assistant
Project D - Weather Station
Overview: The project is simple interactive game which utilized accelerometer to reading real time data and convert data into score. The project has one main cpp file and four header …
Simple Weather Station. Data Logger and gives primitive weather predictions.
Year Two Project ELEC 2645: Embedded Systems Project Portable Weather Station
Racing Cars game using N5110 LCD and thumb Joystick
Reverse Parking Sensor
an ultrasonic sensor used as a car sensor
a measuring device that uses ultrasonic distance sensor SRF02 to measure distance
snake game controlled by joystick
A retro gaming programme, designed for use on a portable embedded system. Incorporates power saving techniques.
Program implementing various applications of the ultrasonic distance sensor SRF02 combined with other components. Five different modules to show the various possible applications of the device. A focus on linear …
Distance srnsor final code
temperature and pressure sensor
A simple project utilizing the SRF02 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
temperature and pressure sensor
Simple library for interfacing to Nokia 5110 LCD display (as found on the SparkFun website). LCD, N5110, Nokia, pcd8544
my ELEC 2645 project. DOGUKAN KAMACIOGLU 200792949
meurig phillips snake game
meurig phillips snake game - accidentally published to my account instead of to the group!
The WMG is an alert system for patients with high or low BPM, as well as falling detection. WMG consists of a wearable device prototype and an Android application. The …
Morse Code is generated when user enters a character.
lo slave