Library to control a QVGA TFT connected to SPI. You can use printf to print text The lib can handle different fonts, draw lines, circles, rect and bmp

Dependents:   TFT_Test1 SourceCodePro31-SB Mandelbrot Mindwave-screen ... more

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RevisionDateWhoCommit message
18:52cbeede86f0 2013-10-22 dreschpe The last change was made on the wrong code. Fix back the kinetis support . default tip
17:d7e48335953e 2013-10-18 dreschpe Better circle function from Michael Ammann
16:2efcbb2814fa 2013-03-25 dreschpe fix bug in bmp for kinetis
15:f5772cffc2b2 2013-03-05 dreschpe KL25Z Version patch
14:ea3206e8e3bd 2013-03-05 dreschpe Add Freescale KL25Z support.
13:2c91cb947161 2013-03-05 dreschpe Add Freescale KL25Z support
12:9de056a58793 2013-03-05 dreschpe Fix LPC11U24 bug
11:9bb71766cafc 2013-02-19 dreschpe fix warnings
10:071ae6e02fcf 2013-02-03 dreschpe remove useless line in hline
9:a63fd1ad41b0 2013-02-03 dreschpe get the lib working with LPC11U24. ; The code is switched internal.
8:65a4de035c3c 2013-02-03 dreschpe Add NO_DMA define to switch off DMA use (LPC11U24)
7:e753bb62eeb9 2012-10-12 dreschpe Fix SPI1 connection.; Thanks to Hans Bergles
6:34a13617fd35 2012-09-22 dreschpe Remove debug prints
5:9cbf4a534f7e 2012-09-20 dreschpe Bugfix: the bmp load from filesystem is working again
4:824715115046 2012-09-20 dreschpe Bugfix + add comment
3:7f1d793b90df 2012-09-20 dreschpe Bugfix: load from filesystem works again
2:f30ea1eb3681 2012-09-11 dreschpe Switch back to io pin CS. The use of automatic SPI CS could make problems with interrupt or RTOS.
1:17e12e4e149f 2012-09-11 dreschpe Switch back to manual set of CS instead of using spi hardware. Interruption of datatransfer with interrupt or RTOS could cause problems.
0:de9d1462a835 2012-09-10 dreschpe [mbed] converted /TFT/SPI_TFT