Bar-graph visualisation demo of reading data from Neurosky's Mindwave Mobile headset, reading via BlueSMIRF Silver bluetooth modem and displaying via MikroElektronika's TFT Proto 320x240 touchscreen.

Dependencies:   SPI_TFT TFT_fonts mbed


Uses MikroElektronika's low-cost TFT Proto 2.8" 320x240 touchscreen to display a bar graph representation of data coming in from NeuroSky's Mindwave Mobile brainwave-reading headset. Graphs the two main values coming in - Attention and Meditation, as well as the 8 individual frequency bands the headset processes. Also implements rudimentary blink-detection (top left) and quality of connection indicator (top right).

For a simpler program which doesn't use the screen and sends data to serial-debug, or for instructions on preparing the BlueSMIRF unit to connect to the Mindwave Mobile headset, visit:

Import programMindwave-basic

Basic serial-debug demo of reading and parsing data from Neurosky's Mindwave Mobile EEG headset via BlueSMIRF Silver bluetooth modem.

For info on how to connect the screen, see Peter Drescher's library page.

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