Dependents of NTPClient_NetServices

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Trial code integration web page update with analogue data and ntp support
This programme Sets a web server using light weigh ip (using Donatien Garnier's server code) which reads a voltage and saves it value in an htm file to be displayed …
Test of Embedded Artists LPCXpresso baseboard ethernet, SD card, audio and OLED display facilities. The program displays the day, date and time on the baseboard OLED and sounds the Big … Artists, audio, Embedded, ethernet, OLED, SD
This version has the index file and data pages on a SD card (512Mbyte) it does not suffer from the autorun problem when directly writtin to the mbed flash memory … server
Lab3 - Pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors displayed on a webpage.
Internet alarm clock alarm, client, clock, NTP, RTC
Sample code for the TrainInfoLib TrainInfoLib
エレキジャック Web版 mbedで初めてのマイコン開発 メモリカードを使ったデータの読み書き<3/3> センサから得たデータをSDに書き込むプログラムです。時刻設定はNTPを使っています。 http://www.eleki-jack.com/arm/2010/12/mbed-7.html eleki-jack, logger, NTP, SD
this program can by compiled and run on several mbeds in a network. The mbed ID is automatically generated. This program is a small test to see if it works. … cloud, collaborative, ethernet, UDP
Just a \"collage\" of some existing examples to test the web capabilities of the mBed
Simply Clock clock
akizuki no geiger counter kit chirper, counter, geiger, mullar
This package contains a simple test of tests for various elements of the SmartBoard hardware, which is a simple baseboard designed for easy embedding. It is able to run both … hardware, SmartBoard, software, test
I made the digital watch which set the start time in ntp. It\'s same as \"clock\" see:[http://mbed.org/users/jf1vrr/programs/clock/lpucqk] except that I changed from unix timezone to ntp. See: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/jf1vrr_station/19816010.html (Japanese) clock, NTP, RTC
This is the clock which used highly quality RTC module RT8564NB. This module is I2C controllable. At the time of poweron/reset, the start time received from ntp server. See: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/jf1vrr_station/19895596.html … clock, RTC, RTC-8564NB, RTC8564NB
Student project by David Berlin and Boris Dogadov made for the Embedded Systems Workshop course given in Tel-Aviv University on 2010 by Sivan Toledo. Visit the project website for more … Dropbox, Host, mass, storage, USB
mbed Weather Platform firmware http://mbed.org/users/okini3939/notebook/mbed-weather-platform-firmware/
mbed Weather Platform firmware http://mbed.org/users/okini3939/notebook/mbed-weather-platform-firmware/ bmp085, Pachube, SHT15, station, twitter, weather
The program uses RPC over http to open a garage door over the internet. On a htm page is a link that calls a RPC function door, electricity, garage, Meter, rpc
Tweeting with mbed! (using SuperTweet)
Read NTP time from Ethernet and drive six 7-segment LEDs using a MAX7221 to show time, date, month, week, year etc.... clock, led, MAX7221, NTP
http://http://diytec.web.fc2.com/mark2r2/ geiger, mark2, mk2r2
mbed/ARM 活用事例 第3章 SDカードを使ってファイルを操作するプログラムを作る CHS-UGS, ConfigFile, eleki-jack, hygrometer, LM35, NTP, TextLCD, thermometer
mbed/ARM 活用事例 第6章 mbedをネットワークにつなげよう! client, eleki-jack, LAN, UDP
FIAPライブラリの使用方法例 FIAP, IEEE1888
FIAPの使用の例(温度ノード) FIAP, IEEE1888
日本語表示に対応したRSSヘッドラインリーダです。 詳細は、エレキジャックWebをご参照ください。 BlackOne, Kanji, LCD
LCD clock display set using NTP server clock, LCD, NTP
Mbed clock is set using NTP and UTC displayed on Nokia LCD. Seehttp://mbed.org/users/4180_1/notebook/internet-nokia-lcd-clock/ clock, LCD, mbed, Nokia, NTP, UTC
LCD clock display set using NTP server clock, LCD, NTP
Twitter with OAuth Example.\\ see also http://www.soramimi.jp/twicpp/index.html OAuth, twitter
Leest de waarde van een sensor binnen een maakt deze beschikbaar via internet
DC Motor control using current time
You can use two mode time setting. (1) receive real time from NTP server (2) manual setting.Before startup, it should be download some voice file into micro SD-card.