Dependents of HTTPClient_ToBeRemoved

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Displays weather info on text LCD using Google API google, LCD, spxml, weather, xml
Live RSS news feeds are displayed on a basic text LCD See LCD, rss, xml
mbed determines its location using a web-based geolocation API that uses the IP address and displays it on the LCD. Timezone is also included. A free API key must be … geolocation, ip
Tweeter Example, this work very good!
Geolocation demo using Nokia LCD. See api, geolocation, LCD, Nokia, Web
Uses Google Weather API to display current conditions for a city on a Nokia LCD. See api, google, LCD, mbed, Nokia, weather
Live RSS News feed is displayed on a Nokia LCD. See CNN, LCD, mbed, news, Nokia, rss
Hi. This is the feed program for Cosm. (The previous name of the services is Pachube.) cosm, Pachube
WebAPIサンプルプログラム mbedセミナー演習5
Twitter(日本語)サンプルプログラム mbedセミナー演習4
Modificacion de para soporte de un tag no enlistado y registro del mismo mediante twiter All Power Microcontroller, Angel, Angel Yaguana, APM, ID12, ID20, mbed, RFID, Sherckuith, Tag, twitter
Ethernet communication for biomedical purposes Biomedical, Ugent
You can use two mode time setting. (1) receive real time from NTP server (2) manual setting.Before startup, it should be download some voice file into micro SD-card.
Talk Watch system using NTP timer for JBB. JBB, NTP