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  • Adafruit_GFX

    added the WANT_ABSTRACTS define so the library works with text sizes greater than 1

    Last updated: 12 Oct 2014 5 5
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Car stereo control using TDA7419 for input select, audio control. Adafruit 96x64 monochrome 0.96" display to show the audio selections four buttons to control selections. Next steps: take input from …

    audio, automotive, balance, car, fader, TDA7419
    Last updated: 26 Oct 2014 6 16
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    This example shows using the SeeedStudio arch pro as an Ethernet server. It will initialize the Ethernet port, display its IP address, display the IP address of connecting clients and …

    Last updated: 11 Jan 2015 5 2
  • PinDetect_KL25Z

    Fixed a typo in the example code DigitialOut to DigitalOut

    Last updated: 05 Oct 2014 6 1
  • PreampTDA7419

    This library controls a ST TDA7419 audio control IC. This is part of a project to implement an mbed controlled car stereo. The TDA7419 will take in stereo and output …

    audio, automotive, car, stereo, TDA7419
    Last updated: 26 Oct 2014 3 2
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    This is an example of using the Seed 96x96 OLED display. This display uses a SSD1327 driver. The example was developed on a Seed Arch Pro platform and the display …

    ARCH, archpro, OLED, Pro, Seeed, ssd1327
    Last updated: 20 Dec 2014 2 179
  • SeeedGrayOLED

    This library drives the Seeed 96x96 OLED display. It is a port of the example library that Seeed provide (also called SeeedGreyOLED). This display uses the SSD1327 part which is …

    OLED, Seeed, SeeedGrayOLED, ssd1327
    Last updated: 20 Dec 2014 2 104
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