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How to unlink the mouse from the scroll bar?

This is sort of a Windows 10 issue, some time back after an automatic upgrade, my mouse now can now have the scroll bar follow it. The pointer icon changes to a up/down selection AND I've learned to hit the ESC key when this appears. Occasionally on some program, mbed compiler is one, I have no indication that the mouse is now a scroll bar. This leads to huge delays as I move thru a program and is especially difficult getting the window to stop moving so I can edit a line. Does anyone know how to unlink the scroll bar from the mouse?

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4 years, 6 months ago.

I think it is a mouse function rather than a Windows thingy. Try to push/click the scrollwheel to reset it.

Accepted Answer

Naturally, once i ask a question, the answer occurs to me...here's how I fixed my problem: after pulling the scroll bar up/down, I get off the bar and click once on the code (anywhere) and I've dis-associated the cursor with the scroll bar. Thanks for your suggestion!

posted by Tim Johnson 05 Apr 2017