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IOT Smart Car aka MBED Based Remote Temperature Sensor


This project is about demonstrating an IOT application using MBED Application board LPC1768. In this project a toy car has been hacked for demonstrating a remote sensor. According to Oxford Dictionary definition of a "Robot" is a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer. This toy car according to the definition of a robot does fall in the category of being a robot therefore in the next sections the car will be refereed with terminologies as "Robot Car" or "Robot".


The goal of the project is to make a Robot that:

  • Can act as a Smart remote sensor by updating sensor data via Ethernet and Wifely Interface.
  • Can be controlled or accessed from a remote position using various interfaces.


As this project is done for educational purpose rather than for commercial product therefore our team tried to use all bits and pieces of what we have learnt in the class to implement in this project. For clear vision the functionality of the Robot is broken down into different modes(a manner of acting or doing). The modes of the Robot are as follows:

  • Mode1: Manual Mode - |PS2 + Xively + Wifely|:
    This is the manual mode in which the car is controlled manually via a PS2 controller. In this mode the temperature sensed is transmitted on the xively via Wifly.
  • Mode 2:Remote Control Car- |Wifely Control of car|:
    In this mode the car is controlled by wifi via telnet.


Following components are used for the project:


Mode 1: Manual (PS2-Xively-Wifly)

Import programMode-1_PS2_Wifly_Xively

The car is controlled by the PS2 controller and the temperature is sent on xively via the wifly.

Mode 2: Remote Control Car

Import programMode-2_Remote_Control

This program is used to control the car remotely via telnet using wifi.


Mode 1: Manual Mode

IDTest Case DescriptionOutputResult
1Connect the PS2 controller to the car. Power on the MBED. Press the direction control buttons on the PS2 car controller.The mbed should get an IP address via the wifi and the car should move according to the buttons pressed on the PS2 controller.PASS
2Open the xively page with your specific device on the laptop.(Make sure your laptop is on the same subnet as the mbed.). Move the car to different positions using the PS2 controllerThe xively page updates temperature every 10 seconds.PASS

Mode 2: Remote Control Car

IDTest Case DescriptionOutputResult
1Connect the wifi module to the mbed. Power it.LCD should display the IP address.PASS
2Establish a telnet connection from your pc to the IP address on Port 7.The connection should be established successfullyPASS
3Send the following characters from the telnet terminal and check if you get the respective response.'w' ,'x' ,'a','d', 's', 'z'.The response should be as follows:
'w' -> FWD
'x' -> REV
'a' -> LEFT
'd' -> RIGHT
's'- > Stop
'z' -> Make wheels straight

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