mbed reference links

Putting together a page of reference data I've found useful in the course of mbed development.

General Coding Practices

mbed Compiler

libs, etc

  • I was trying to write something like log4c, but I got hung up on the v*printf syntax (also I was using the USB serial port, ick!) But a few weeks afterwards, snatch59 wrote DebugTrace (proper program page linked from here) which did what I was trying to do with v*printf, so now I have a log4c clone working. I should share it when I get done with this project and have some time to clean it up.

mbed Hardware


Watchdog Timer / WDT

System Clocking


LPC1768 Additional Features

  • using LPC pins not available on the mbed - what's up with those #defines anyway, aren't they kind of self-referential? and if not, then why are they necessary - couldn't you just use the pin names without those defines? sigh.

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