Library to control a Graphics TFT connected to 4-wire SPI - revised for the Raio RA8875 Display Controller.

Dependents:   FRDM_RA8875_mPaint RA8875_Demo RA8875_KeyPadDemo RA8875_Demo ... more

Fork of SPI_TFT by Peter Drescher

This pull request has been accepted and merged in by David Smart

Vertical line wrap

1. Changed line 464 of RA8875.cpp to fix a vertical line wrap problem. The problem was that after the screen was filled with 17 lines of text, the 18th line was swallowed instead of wrapping around to the top.

2. It may be necessary to make similar changes in lines 40 and 49 of TextDisplay.cpp. But I could not verify this.

3. An unresolved issue: the "columns()" function returns a value that is less than the actual screen width (says 30, display supports 60). I did not look into this.

Fork of David Smart's RA8875 library