Forks of DHT

A fork is a repository which is based on a copy of this repository.

Fixed issues with DHT version DHT11, DHT22, Grove
KL25Z internal RTC doesn't work. Original DHT library throws "no patience error" DHT11, DHT22, Grove
Needed to comment out time limitations
Libery for DHT-22 temp sensor
Patch of original with some casts to get around troubles with log function overrides introduced by recent core updates. DHT11, DHT22, Grove
made some changes DHT11, DHT22, Grove
Temperature & Humidity
Adapted library DHT22
realease DHT lib working with Nucleo Board Thanks Somlak Mangnimit DHT11, DHT22, Nucleo
In float DHT::CalcTemperature() method switch cases has been interchanged DHT11, DHT22, Grove
dht library
DHT library
DHT sensor LIB DHT22
DHT for Pepsi