Richard Thompson

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  • Atomics

    Atomic Boolean

    Last updated: 02 May 2014 1 4
  • FlashM25PSpi

    Flash handler for M25P* chips with no Device ID.

    flash, M25P10, M25P40, MP25P20
    Last updated: 19 Aug 2014 13 12
  • IntDisabler

    Disables then re-enables interrupts based on variable scope. Ensures you don't forget to re-enable interrupts. Use Wisely!

    Last updated: 23 Apr 2014 1 11
  • Multi_WS2811

    Optimised fork of bikeNomad's WS2811 LED control library. Supports KL25Z and KL46Z

    WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B
    Last updated: 02 Apr 2014 8 47
  • MutexLocker

    Mutex Locker utility class to lock/unlock mbed RTOS mutexes. Create and pass a mutex, it locks the mutex then unlocks it when destroyed.

    mutex, rtos
    Last updated: 10 Apr 2014 4 92
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