Bob Stone

Bishopthorpe, United Kingdom

Thing maker, code monkey, board hoarder

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  • OS 2

    A portable, hands-free, zero-effort blink-controlled speech system, inspired by the voice system of Stephen Hawking. Uses mbed, Neurosky Mindwave Mobile headset, BlueSMiRF modem and Emic2 speech board.

    Emic2, Mindwave, Neurosky, speech
    Last updated: 15 Jun 2013 1 22
  • OS 2

    Mandelbrot viewer for SPI TFT touchscreen

    Fractal, Mandelbrot, TFT, Touchscreen
    Last updated: 17 Apr 2013 2 32
  • OS 2

    Basic serial-debug demo of reading and parsing data from Neurosky's Mindwave Mobile EEG headset via BlueSMIRF Silver bluetooth modem.

    brain, EEG, Mindwave Mobile, Neurosky
    Last updated: 04 Jun 2013 2 27
  • OS 2

    Bar-graph visualisation demo of reading data from Neurosky's Mindwave Mobile headset, reading via BlueSMIRF Silver bluetooth modem and displaying via MikroElektronika's TFT Proto 320x240 touchscreen.

    brain, EEG, Mindwave, Neurosky, QVGA, TFT
    Last updated: 04 Jun 2013 1 13
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