PokittoLib is the library needed for programming the Pokitto DIY game console (www.pokitto.com)

Dependents:   YATTT sd_map_test cPong SnowDemo ... more


Library for programming Pokitto hardware

How to Use

  1. Import this library to online compiler (see button "import" on the right hand side
  2. DO NOT import mbed-src anymore, a better version is now included inside PokittoLib
  3. Change My_settings.h according to your project
  4. Start coding!


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
71:531419862202 2019-12-25 Pokitto Changed Mode2 C++ refresh code (graphical errors) default tip
70:770c9727f951 2019-12-25 Pokitto ARMCC v6 fixes
69:f9f49ff29720 2019-12-25 Pokitto Added fixes needed for ARMCC 6 compiler
68:61a4ccb0a4b6 2019-04-05 Pokitto Pure polling method added for Buttons
67:068fa6345036 2019-04-04 Pokitto PlaySFX fixed for mbed online ide
66:6281a40d73e6 2019-03-23 Pokitto Updated pokittolib to current embitz dev branch
65:deed4aa606fb 2019-03-23 Pokitto mode 15 (hirez 16 color) added
64:1d52d8287c39 2019-03-23 Pokitto Mode 15 support added
63:7d1c08cdde5c 2018-10-23 Pokitto Graphics bug fixed
62:9bc7b8aace6f 2018-10-23 Pokitto Graphics bug fixed
61:123aefc978a7 2018-10-09 Pokitto Minor fixes;
60:8b6a110feeea 2018-10-07 Pokitto Rid of all warnings on build all
59:61d308a0b113 2018-10-07 Pokitto Cleaning up warning messages in mbed compilation
58:5f58a2846a20 2018-10-07 Pokitto All warnings removed in mbed compilation
57:63853054a4d9 2018-10-02 Pokitto Fixed My_settings.h problem due to changes in mbed online ide
56:71e4c6b1efb4 2018-09-14 Pokitto added printf
55:d2eedf44d03b 2018-09-14 Pokitto added display.printf functionality
54:7082c373d764 2018-07-21 Pokitto Volume set up hang bug removed
53:ee5e28819ebb 2018-07-21 Pokitto fixed countdown bug
52:c04087025cab 2018-07-01 Pokitto PokittoCookie, faster Mode2 and Mode13 added
51:113b1d84c34f 2018-07-01 Pokitto PokittoCookie and faster Mode2 and Mode13 added
50:ca94812a17b6 2018-06-27 Pokitto Lockup at startup due to missing EEPROM values fixed
49:74201663ba8b 2018-05-21 Pokitto Fixes
48:30b068b0d9e8 2018-05-21 Pokitto Fixed std::min max in HWLCD
47:8f962908f6a7 2018-05-21 Pokitto Streamcounter fixed
46:e7e438368e16 2018-05-21 Pokitto Fixes to sound;
45:bbfc6002118c 2018-05-21 Pokitto Fixes to sound etc
44:2b8560b11eab 2018-05-01 Pokitto fixed timeout
43:6183b12dd99c 2018-05-01 Pokitto New volume control;
42:798b5d67b372 2018-05-01 Pokitto New volume control;
41:e667167aa9d8 2018-04-25 Pokitto new button handler;
40:3b88ff5aff13 2018-04-23 Pokitto Buttons handling
39:e8bb18900c34 2018-04-22 Pokitto Button handling and initRandom fixed
38:0daee0048ef4 2018-04-22 Pokitto Button handling fixed and initRandom fixed
37:dc085d77d849 2018-04-18 Pokitto Improved button handling
36:771321e70814 2018-04-02 Pokitto Synced with Github repo
35:4f7edccf8ed6 2018-04-02 Pokitto All changes synced with Github repo (mode 13, mode 15 etc.)
34:427237571c6a 2018-03-24 Pokitto Bug fix (missing definition of uint8_t output)
33:7d20a1e51908 2018-03-10 Pokitto audiopwm mistake fixed
32:6d5a63b6d5b6 2018-01-30 Pokitto Fixed also GBSOUND
31:f4b9b85c7b62 2018-01-30 Pokitto Sound output improvements added: louder, clearer, faster!
30:796f9611d2ac 2018-01-30 Pokitto Sound enhancements done
29:9467921dec10 2018-01-29 Pokitto Fixed fillScreen bug on HiRes mode
28:958b71c4b92a 2018-01-05 Pokitto Sound level stored in EEPROM, sound output improved
27:24970a0c35a8 2018-01-01 Pokitto Clipping bugs fixed
26:f34f2d056756 2018-01-01 Pokitto Clipping bugs fixed
25:4363d43c4917 2017-12-29 Pokitto palOffset definition added
24:9561281d0378 2017-12-29 Pokitto PokittoLib synced with Github and all Spianl & Hanski contributions so far
23:f88837b8f914 2017-12-29 Pokitto PokittoLib mbed and Github are back in sync with all contributions from Hanski and Spinal included
22:e826f80d8582 2017-12-29 Pokitto PokittoLib with @Spinalcodes direct non-buffered tricks
21:f8dc968e5739 2017-12-29 Pokitto PokittoLib with Spinal's direct to screen improvements
20:fa6899411a24 2017-10-22 Pokitto BLv3 mechanism installed
19:d1cf5dff4c21 2017-10-22 Pokitto Bootloader v3 mechanism installed
18:831e2801d466 2017-10-21 Pokitto New bootloader system
17:10609a82d462 2017-10-21 Pokitto New bootloader system!
16:6c352e63d59e 2017-10-20 Pokitto regen docs
15:aa06c514ace4 2017-10-20 Pokitto Testing commenting
14:4e87bb59b13b 2017-10-19 Pokitto Bootloader fixed
13:680e1a8cdd8b 2017-10-19 Pokitto Key search now from both 0x3FE04 and 0x3F004
12:162abc242b3a 2017-10-18 Pokitto Speaker amp turn on fixed