Dependents of NetworkAPI

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

TCP/IP based digital io controller for operating DigitalsOuts and reading DigitalIns. Digital, IO, network
Example application that connect with a TCP web server. client, example, NetworkAPI, socket, TCP
Example application that implements a simple TCP server on top of the NetworkAPI network, NetworkAPI, server, TCP
UDP server example project for the NetworkAPI library api, ethernet, network, server, UDP
Same as mallet... but distance
APC UPS monitoring program
Thermometer connected to internet
Example application to connect the DISCO_F746NG board to thethings.iO DISCO_F746NG, http, thethings.iO
A simple example that demonstrates how to upload data to the IoT analytics platform from the Discovery STM32F746 board. GroveStreams, IOT, STM32F746
An example that demonstrates uploading data from the DISCO-F746 (STM32F746) board to, an IoT analytics platform. Also demonstrations downloading commands, re-establishing dropped ethernet connections, accurate polling frequencies, and tracing ... DISCO-F746, GroveStreams, IOT
Final 350 project
Monitoring Suhu dan Kelembaban Udara DHT22