Driver for TI's CC1200 radio ICs. Forget hardcoded register settings -- this driver calculates everything from scratch!

Dependents:   CC1200-Examples CC1200-MorseEncoder

CC1200 Driver

by Jamie Smith / USC Rocket Propulsion Lab

After months of work, we are proud to present our driver for Texas Instruments' CC1200 digital radio IC! This driver has been written from scratch to be an easy and flexible way of using this radio transceiver. For our application, we needed to be able to tune each and every setting of the radio to try and eke that last bit of performance of our system - so using premade configurations alone wasn't going to cut it! Instead, this driver calculates each parameter of the radio using the equations and instructions given in the datasheet. So, you can tweak parameters to your heart's content, and you shouldn't have to do any math yourself!


  • Automatic calculation of correct register values for:
    • RF frequency
    • FSK deviation
    • Symbol rate
    • Output power
    • RX filter bandwidth (this one's harder than it looks!)
  • Easy handling of data packets
  • GPIO configuration
  • Preamble and sync word configuration
  • RTOS compatible (always locks SPI bus during transactions)
  • Two debug levels available

Not Supported

  • Infinite length packets
  • Transparent mode
  • ASK parameter configuration
  • Status bytes from packets


  • See the example project here for an example of how to use the driver.
  • Another example (using a more exotic configuration) is the CC1200-MorseEncoder.
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