Digital Radio Transceiver

Hello World

Import libraryCC1200-Examples

Demo of how to use CC1200 radios to send data.


Import libraryCC1200

Driver for TI's CC1200 radio ICs. Forget hardcoded register settings -- this driver calculates everything from scratch!



The CC1200 is a digital radio transceiver supporting a large variety of different bands, modulations, and packet formats. It lets you use a single part (with different circuitry) to transmit on a couple different bands, including the 430MHz European ISM band and the 900MHz American ISM band. It can be configured for a variety of different packet formats, including OOK, ASK, and a number of variants of FSK. Data rates can be as high as 1Mbps (using 4-FSK at 500kbps), or as low as a few hundred bytes per second depending on your bandwidth needs and distance requirements. All in all, this is an extremely capable radio chip that should be adaptable for almost any 100-900MHz digital radio application.

For configuring radio settings, TI provides a number of configurations for you in their SmartRF application. The MBed OS driver lets you use these, but you can also enter your own settings if you need something different than what SmartRF provides. I will say, in my experience, the CC1200 does tend to be a bit of a house of cards - changing even one value to be incorrect (out of the 10-15 values that you need to configure) can easily cause the chip to stop functioning entirely. So, I recommend you stick to the provided configurations if possible, and only change things if you know what you're doing and are sure that you need a different value.

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