Lib for HYT temp & humidity sensor

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Fork of HYT by Ksenia Kondrashova

This is a simple library for the HYT-271, HYT-221 and HYT-939 humidity and temperature sensors by IST-AG company. The difference between HYT sensors is only a package.


General information:

  • High precision: +/-1.8%RH and 0.2°C
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +125°C
  • Low drift : less than 0,5% RH / year
  • Power consumption: 22 µA during operation
  • Fully calibrated and compensated humidity and temperature signal
  • Digital I2C interface (14 bit values)

Product Page:

Remember to use pull-up resisrors:


You can also find Hello Word program sending data from sensor to PC via serial interface:

Library doesn't contain command mode instructions. There are only functions for polling the HYT sensor with default i2c address

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