HYT-271 / HYT-221 / HYT-939 Humidity & Temperature Sensor

Combined digital humidity and temperature modules with I2C interface and high precision (+/-1.8%RH and 0.2°C)

Hello World

Import programHYT_example

Hello World program for HYT temp & humidity sensor


Import libraryHYT

Lib for HYT temp & humidity sensor




The difference between HYT-271 / HYT-221 / HYT-939 sensors is only a package.


General information:

  • High precision: +/-1.8%RH and 0.2°C
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +125°C
  • Low drift : less than 0,5% RH / year
  • Power consumption: 22 µA during operation
  • Fully calibrated and compensated humidity and temperature signal
  • Digital I2C interface (14 bit values)

Product Page: http://www.ist-ag.com/eh/ist-ag/en/home.nsf/contentview/~humidity-modules

Remember to use pull-up resisrors. Recommended value is 2.4 kΩ.


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