Measuring air flow, relative humidity & temperature, then showing results at TFT

Dependencies:   FT800_2 HYT mbed

Air flow is measured with FS7 sensor by IST-AG, humidity & temperature are measured by HYT-271 sensor by IST. Graphs displayed it TFT by Riverdi via graphical controller FFT801.


For documentation on the FT800 library, please refer to the library pages.


MCU-board to TFT-module

MCU-board is connected to TFT-module via Break Out Board. You need 6 signals to connect: SCK, MOSI and MISO are connected to a SPI channel, SS is the chip select signal, PD work as powerdown and INT for interrupts from TFT to MCU.


You have to connect VDD to BLVDD at Break Out Board if you use the board:


MCU-board to HYT sensor

MCU-board is connected to sensor via I2C. Remember to use pull-up resisrors there:


MCU-board to FS7 sensor

MCU-board is connected to sensor via FS flowmodule. FS-flowmodul is a PCB implementing bridge circuit which is necessary for FS7.

Download repository: zip gz