Dependents of NOKIA_5110

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

TextLCD compatible wrapper for NOKIA_5110 library Nokia, TextLCD
Nokia 5110 test program on KL25Z platform using Chris Yang's NOKIA_5110 library KL25z, Nokia
Nokia 5110 test stm32 nucleo pins working with Chris Yang's NOKIA_5110 library Nokia, Nucleo, stm32
Demonstrates the use of the LPC1114_Deep_Power_Down library with the NOKIA_5110 library Low_Power, LPC1114, LPC1114FN28, Nokia_5110, pir
This is a RFID based attendance system. The current program is only for two users but can be easily scaled for more users. Apart from FRDM-K64F board, we have MFRC522, … Attendance, IUPUI, LCD, mfrc522, Nokia, RFID, SD, SD Card
This is a simple EMG Controller for a bionic hand prosthesis Electromyography, EMG, Galileo Hand, Prosthesis, Upper Limb Prosthetic
Galileo Hand Basic Example implemented on FRDM K64F
The Nucleo Distance Calculator Simple code to use HCSR04 and nokia 5110 to display distance and ring a buzzer when the distance is lower than a certain threshold.
A cost-effective alert system using FRDM-K64F based on RFID that can: 1. Differentiate between registered and unregistered users. 2. Detect and send alerts when cards are flashed 3. Display alerts … Alerts, FRDM, K64F, LCD, RFID, SD Card
3rd year levitator
MH K8 firmware with HV control.
A basic LCD output test which uses the NXP LPC1768\'s SPI interface to display pixels, characters, and numbers on the Nokia 5110 or Nokia 3310 LCD. graphic, LCD, LCD-10168, Nokia, pcd8544, Phillips