This class adds HTTP, FTP and CellLocate client support for u-blox modules for the C027 and C030 boards (excepting the C030 N2xx flavour) from mbed 5.5 onwards. The HTTP, FTP and CellLocate operations are all hosted on the module, minimizing RAM consumption in the mbed MCU. It also sub-classes ublox-cellular-driver-gen to bring in SMS, USSD and modem file system support if you need to use these functions at the same time as the cellular interface.

Dependencies:   ublox-at-cellular-interface

Dependents:   example-ublox-at-cellular-interface-ext HelloMQTT ublox_new_driver_test example-ublox-at-cellular-interface-ext ... more

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UbloxATCellularInterfaceExt::HttpProfCtrl Struct Reference

UbloxATCellularInterfaceExt::HttpProfCtrl Struct Reference

Management structure for HTTP profiles. More...

#include <UbloxATCellularInterfaceExt.h>

Detailed Description

Management structure for HTTP profiles.

It is possible to have up to 4 different HTTP profiles (LISA-C200, LISA-U200 and SARA-G350) having:

handlethe current HTTP profile is in handling state or not (default value is HTTP_ERROR).
timeoutthe timeout for the current HTTP command.
pendingthe status for the current HTTP command (in processing state or not).
cmdthe code for the current HTTP command.
resultthe result for the current HTTP command once processed.

Definition at line 499 of file UbloxATCellularInterfaceExt.h.