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Silicon Labs Low Power Contest


It’s time to show off your low-power programming skills using Silicon Labs' 32-bit EFM32 devices!

We have created a competition for you to demonstrate and get rewarded for sharing your tricks for minimizing power! The focus will be on innovative or creative use of low power features rather than the end product. Anything from a small snippet of LESENSE (Low Energy Sensor Interface) code to a fully-fledged IoT-system is a good candidate.

We have two contests: 1) an idea contest for you to share your low power concept and 2) a design contest to submit actual products of what you've built.

30 Winners of the Low Power Idea contest will win an EFM32 starter kit based on ARM Cortex-M core. The first place winner of the design contest will receive $3,000 USD and an Energy Harvesting Solution To Go Kit. There are other great prizes for 2nd and 3rd place plus a community choice award and code award, so there are multiple ways to win!

Enter the contest here:

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