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Measuring power consumption on EFM32


This guide will show you how to measure the power profile of your mbed application. It assumes the following:

  • You have an updated version of Simplicity Studio installed. Click update on the main screen if you are not sure, or if you have a really old version, get the latest from Silicon Labs' website
  • You have updated your Silicon Labs EFM32 kit to the latest firmware revision. Refer to this wiki page for a how-to.
  • You have a working project in the mbed online IDE that you want to profile.

Using the energy profiler

Export project

First, you will need to export your project to Simplicity Studio. For a guide on how to do this, see this wiki page.

Launch Energy Profiler

You can launch the energy profiler immediatly after importing your project:
Once in the profiler window, the graph controls allow you to

  • Pause/resume recording
  • Zoom in/out on the graph
  • Switch between logarithmic and linear scale for the current measurement
  • Enable/disable showing of IRQ events on the graph
  • Show/hide the MCU supply voltage measurement

You can also click on the graph to select a point of which you want to see the current consumption, or drag you mouse across to get the average current and power numbers for your selection.

At the end of your session, click the disconnect button to go back to the IDE.

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