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Test Class CC LoRaWAN
Semtech LoRaWAN-demo configured for 915MHz operation and multi-radio support (SX1276/SX1272)
Use LoRaWAN on mDot with IKS01A1 sensor board plugged into UDK board.
Bootcamp application example using LoRaWAN-lib MAC layer implementation. Provides an application example controlling a 3 color LED and a light sensor.
Add Elmo board support
Application LORAWAN : Device STM32L073 +SX1272MB2xAS board Lora, LoRaMAC, LoRaWAN, Semtech, SX1272, SX1272Lib, SX1272MB1DxS, SX1272MB2xAS
Simple LoRaWAN Demo (SX1272 Radio)