BLE Color Pixels based on nRF51822 and WS2812B

Dependencies:   BLE_API color_pixels mbed nRF51822

Fork of BLE_LCDDemo by Bluetooth Low Energy

Color pixels library using WS2812B and nRF51822 (16MHz)


You can get the colorful led strip from seeed:

Click this link to download the color pixels app for android. The source code of the Android app is at

If the BLE device is disconnected frequently, we can improve the stability by changing the BLE parameters - Advertising Duration (main.cpp), Min Interval and Max Interval (nRF51822/projectconfig.h)

#define CFG_GAP_CONNECTION_MIN_INTERVAL_MS           20                     /**< Minimum acceptable connection interval */
#define CFG_GAP_CONNECTION_MAX_INTERVAL_MS          200                     /**< Maximum acceptable connection interval */