Simple program featuring a few API functions usage of the X_NUCLEO_IHM06A1 library.

Dependencies:   X_NUCLEO_IHM06A1 mbed

Fork of HelloWorld_IHM06A1 by ST Expansion SW Team

This application provides a simple example of usage of the X-NUCLEO-IHM06A1 Bipolar Stepper Motor Control Expansion Board.

It shows how to use a stepper motor connected to the board by:

  • Running the motor;
  • Monitoring the speed and the motor state;
  • Setting/Getting the speed;
  • Setting/Getting the step mode;
  • Setting/Getting the acceleration and deceleration;
  • Moving a defined number of steps or microsteps;
  • Disabling the power bridges;
  • Setting/Getting the torque;
  • Going to home position

It also shows how to monitor the step clock handler duration in order to evaluate the maximum achievable motor speed for a given MCU.

For the hardware configuration of the expansion board, please refer to the X_NUCLEO_IHM06A1 library web page.

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