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Dependencies:   X_NUCLEO_COMMON X_NUCLEO_IHM01A1 mbed

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Data Structures

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
FilterData_tWrap around filter internal data
GenericSensorAn abstract class for Generic sensors
IntrStatus_uThese union can be use as a generic bit field type for map RESULT_INTERRUPT_STATUS_GPIO register
LightSensorAn abstract class for ambient light sensors
RangeFilterResult_tagFiltered result data structure range data is to be used
RangeSensorAn abstract class for range sensors
VL6180XClass representing a VL6180X sensor component
VL6180x_AlsData_stThis data type defines als measurement data
VL6180x_RangeData_tRange and any optional measurement data
VL6180xDevData_tPer VL6180x device St private data structure
End user should never access any of these field directly