The "GR-PEACH_Audio_Playback_7InchLCD_Sample" is a sample code that can provides high-resolution audio playback of FLAC format files. It also allows the user to audio-playback control functions such as play, pause, and stop by manipulating key switches.

Dependencies:   GR-PEACH_video R_BSP TLV320_RBSP USBHost_custom

Fork of GR-PEACH_Audio_Playback_Sample by Renesas

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for GR-PEACH_Audio_Playback_7InchLCD_Sample


FLAC__EntropyCodingMethod Header for the entropy coding method
FLAC__EntropyCodingMethod_PartitionedRice Header for a Rice partitioned residual
FLAC__EntropyCodingMethod_PartitionedRiceContents Contents of a Rice partitioned residual
FLAC__Frame FLAC frame structure
FLAC__FrameFooter FLAC frame footer structure
FLAC__FrameHeader FLAC frame header structure
FLAC__StreamDecoder The opaque structure definition for the stream decoder type
FLAC__StreamMetadata FLAC metadata block structure
FLAC__StreamMetadata_Application FLAC APPLICATION structure
FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet FLAC CUESHEET structure
FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet_Index FLAC CUESHEET track index structure
FLAC__StreamMetadata_CueSheet_Track FLAC CUESHEET track structure
FLAC__StreamMetadata_Padding FLAC PADDING structure
FLAC__StreamMetadata_Picture FLAC PICTURE structure
FLAC__StreamMetadata_SeekPoint SeekPoint structure used in SEEKTABLE blocks
FLAC__StreamMetadata_SeekTable FLAC SEEKTABLE structure
FLAC__StreamMetadata_StreamInfo FLAC STREAMINFO structure
FLAC__StreamMetadata_Unknown Structure that is used when a metadata block of unknown type is loaded
FLAC__StreamMetadata_VorbisComment FLAC VORBIS_COMMENT structure
FLAC__StreamMetadata_VorbisComment_Entry Vorbis comment entry structure used in VORBIS_COMMENT blocks
FLAC__Subframe FLAC subframe structure
FLAC__Subframe_Constant CONSTANT subframe
FLAC__Subframe_Fixed FIXED subframe
FLAC__Subframe_LPC LPC subframe
FLAC__Subframe_Verbatim VERBATIM subframe


alloc.h [code]
assert.h [code]
audio_out.cpp [code]
audio_out.h [code]
bitmath.c [code]
bitmath.h [code]
bitreader.c [code]
bitreader.h [code]
compat.h [code]
cpu.c [code]
cpu.h [code]
crc.c [code]
crc.h [code]
dec_flac.cpp [code]
dec_flac.h [code]
decode.cpp [code]
decode.h [code]
disp_graphics.cpp [code]
disp_graphics.h [code]
disp_term.cpp [code]
disp_term.h [code]
disp_tft.cpp [code]
disp_tft.h [code]
disp_tft_scrn.cpp [code]
disp_tft_scrn.h [code]
display.cpp [code]
display.h [code]
endswap.h [code]
export.h [code] This module contains defines and symbols for exporting function calls, and providing version information and compiled-in features
fixed.c [code]
fixed.h [code]
float.h [code]
format.c [code]
include/FLAC/format.h [code] This module contains structure definitions for the representation of FLAC format components in memory
src/libFLAC/include/private/format.h [code]
img_audio.cpp [code]
img_audio_bar.cpp [code]
img_audio_button1.cpp [code]
img_audio_button1d.cpp [code]
img_audio_button2.cpp [code]
img_audio_button2d.cpp [code]
img_audio_button3.cpp [code]
img_audio_button3d.cpp [code]
img_audio_button4.cpp [code]
img_audio_button4d.cpp [code]
img_audio_window.cpp [code]
img_back.cpp [code]
img_bar_left.cpp [code]
img_bar_mid.cpp [code]
img_bar_right.cpp [code]
img_font.cpp [code]
img_mode.cpp [code]
img_renesas.cpp [code]
img_tbl.cpp [code]
img_tbl.h [code]
img_tv.cpp [code]
key.cpp [code]
key.h [code]
key_cmd.cpp [code]
key_cmd.h [code]
lpc.c [code]
lpc.h [code]
macros.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
md5.c [code]
md5.h [code]
memory.c [code]
memory.h [code]
ordinals.h [code]
stream_decoder.c [code]
include/FLAC/stream_decoder.h [code] This module contains the functions which implement the stream decoder
src/libFLAC/include/protected/stream_decoder.h [code]
sys_scan_folder.cpp [code]
sys_scan_folder.h [code]
system.cpp [code]
system.h [code]